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People fascinate me.

Elli Ingram - Poetic Justice

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Me:should I buy a Northface Jacket? It's on sale....
Him:Hmm do you need boots, scarf, shoes, makeup, sweater, jacket, backpack, glasses..they're all on sale
Me:hahah fine...
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"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming."
John Wooden
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it’s been a while

I never realized how important these little blogs are to me until now. I’ve had a few chances to look back on what I’ve written in the past and it made me reflect on whether or not I’ve actually put what I’ve learned from myself or from other people into proper use. And I haven’t, but it’s a good reminder to try harder when I reread my silly posts.

Things are looking up in pharmacy school and it isn’t quite as bad as I imagined it to be. I mean, aside from the seven straight weeks of examinations, I guess it’s decent. My grades are all over the place but does it matter? No, because the final is worth 60% of my grade anyways. Getting an A now can mean getting a B/C later depending on my how I score on my final. My studying method has changed since I’ve noticed I’m studying more, not for the grade but for my patients. I’ve definitely gained a deeper sense of the concepts i’m learning by simply training my mind to think this way. I’ve also found myself a hospital internship in the inpatient pharmacy - something I completely didn’t expect but grateful I was given the opportunity. It was my ideal starting point and I am so happy and grateful to be offered the intern position out of the many qualified students. Looks like my plan of coming back to Los Angeles will be put on a hold for a little while longer. 

Sigh, one week of hardcore studying before five days of back to back finals. Wish me luck!

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the hardest people to teach

are the people who think they already know.

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"just drink fool, friends don’t let friends study ahead"
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